Goldsworthy Project

This assignment for my Design Theory class was to create a sculpture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy is a Scottish artist who typically¬†creates sculptures using only materials found in nature. (Here’s some of his work on Flickr:¬†

After surveying the materials I had available to me, and making some concept sketches, I began my sculpture. It started with a few branches, which I propped up against one another.

DSCN5461 DSCN5463

I then began to add clumps of moss.

DSCN5465 DSCN5466

I continued adding more moss, unsure whether the structure would hold up.


As it turned out, it did not collapse. Here’s the finished sculpture from all sides.

DSCN5489 DSCN5490 DSCN5491 DSCN5492 DSCN5495